Apparently These Are 8 Ways to Get Rich from World Billionaires

Money really isn’t everything. But almost anything can be easy thanks to money. That’s why the question of how to get rich is often expressed.

The problem is that being rich doesn’t just count the numbers of assets collected. It takes hard work and sacrifice to get success.

Of course we don’t talk about those who are rich from birth or nobility whose wealth is not consumed by 7,777 derivatives. Instead, what we are discussing is the billionaires who started everything from scratch.

Here are eight ways to get richest peoples from billionaires:

  1. Focus on big things

Yes, saving from small expenses every day is good. For example, from the habit of buying IDR 10,000 fried food or coffee in a cafe IDR 30 thousand. But when do you want to get rich from small expenses like that?

Learning from Warren Buffet, focus on big things from an early age. One big thing that determines prosperity is home. So, when there are funds and opportunities, immediately allocate expenses to buy a house even though you have to go through credit. No need to wait for a DP of 0 percent. Then go on Eid holidays!

  1. Tube first, shop later

If saving from the remaining money, it might be canceled because minus already made shopping for this (Netspend)

Warren Buffet has a pearl of wisdom: “Do not save the rest of the spending money, but spend using the remaining money that has been saved.”

What is the first benchmark for savings from a month’s income, for example 30 percent. If the salary is IDR 10 million, for example, it means direct locking of IDR 3 million in a savings account, then the rest is used for other purposes. This is a way to save discipline and at the same time be the most effective way to get rich.

  1. Duplicate income

Do billionaires only have one source of income? Impossible. There must be money taps open everywhere. That’s what it’s called passive income. For example, have a shop that has grown, then build a boarding house for rent.

The store is the main source of income, while the boarding house is a multiplier. In essence, passive income must be obtained from activities that do not clash with the main income and do not need to be squashed all the time.

  1. Focus on the most important assets

Your efforts and hard work won’t be useful if you can’t focus on the most important asset: yourself. Mark Cuban, a businessman and philanthropist from America, proves himself how to get rich on this one.

Someone must continue to learn and sharpen themselves as assets to become rich. Without it, people will be trapped in chaos and difficulty going forward.

  1. Don’t be half-hearted

You must know your potential, and maximize it to reach the peak of success. Not even easy to feel satisfied or even inferior.

Grant Cardone, who is a businessman, writer, and expert on self-potential training, said that people who want to succeed must be the greatest in the field involved. So, spill sweat sweat to blood so that you don’t become an ordinary person.

  1. Plant money

Most billionaires are entrepreneurs and investors. Because, they are aware of the importance of planting money. The earlier it is done, the greater the chance to achieve something from that investment. In fact, if possible, start when you are still a student.

Find out what kind of investment feels right, then be serious there. It is better to spread the seed money in one or two types of investment first, then expand the land so that the harvest is more abundant. Allocation of 15 percent of income is enough to start this step.

  1. Be wise when “find money”

Find money? Definitely happy abysmal. But, instead of spending it directly because it doesn’t enter a financial plan, it’s best to set aside for savings fatters.

Finding money here does not mean getting money falls on the road. The point is that funds enter unexpectedly, such as bonuses from the office, operating income that exceeds estimates, or even lottery and inheritance prizes.

  1. Wisdom owes

There is nothing wrong with debt. What’s wrong is owing without a mature plan and for things that really aren’t important.

Sometimes temptation comes into debt even though the items to be purchased are not necessities. For example the latest iPhone credit even though the old cellphone is still okay. For young people, there is already a lot of consumer debt, how can old people be rich?

Everyone can be rich. But not everyone knows how to get rich. If you already know too, not necessarily able to discipline obey these ways to make it happen.

It’s no secret that billionaires like Warren Buffet and friends don’t say rich without effort. Let us learn from them to climb the stairs to the same peak.