ÿþSchool Nutrition Association Pushes Healthy Eating Options

The number of childhood obesity cases has increased alarmingly in the past years, more than tripling over the past 30 years. The high rate has made a lot of people concerned, from the parents of the students to the school board, which was why the announcement of the School Nutrition Association of pursuing healthier <a href="https://www.nhsheroes.co.uk/shop/narcolepsy/modafinil/"><strong>modafinil buy</strong></a> food choices and the subsequently-passed Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act have been warmly welcomed by all the stakeholders in this issue. This article gives more information about the efforts taken by the School Nutrition Association and other concerned bodies to improve the quality of the food being served to students in schools. According to the School Nutrition Association, one of the main culprits behind childhood obesity is that the schools are inclined to serving pre-packaged and processed meals to students. As a result, these kids end up consuming a lot of empty calories, which then lead to obesity. Don t make the mistake of assuming that healthier food means horrible taste though. The School Nutrition Association and the various schools from different states have collaborated to make sure that the food being served will not only be healthy but tasty as well. Usually, the School Nutrition Association and the schools contact local chefs to get their aid in coming up with delicious dishes that are healthy, filling, and delicious. Some schools, such as those in Norfolk, VA, actually taste-test their food with a select number of students before they put it on the menu to make sure that the students will actually like what will be served them. Other schools take a different approach in following the initiatives of the School Nutrition Association: while they substitute previously unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones, the taste doesn t differ that much, so students who are already used to the taste of their old cafeteria food won t actually even notice that the meat in their sausage isn t pork but turkey and the pizza crust being made of whole grains. It s not just the cafeteria food that s being modified to create healthier food choices for students. Thanks to the initiative of the School Nutrition Association, the contents of the vending machines are now being replaced all over the country with healthier food. The efforts of the School Nutrition Associationare not in vain. According to a recent report made by the organization, nutrition directors all over the country have reported the following statistics: 95% increase in whole-grain offerings; 90% increase of fresh fruits and vegetables in school menus; 69% less sodium in the served food; 66% less sugar in the served food; and 67% increase in healthier drinks in vending machines. What s great about the changes being proposed by the School Nutrition Association is that the healthier food will not cost that much at least, on the side of the students and their parents. The multi-industry voluntary agreement led by the School Nutrition Association stipulates that the healthier choices will be offered to students at more affordable prices, with some being given away for free, so the students will be able to enjoy healthier food options without spending more money than they used to. The beauty about the initiatives of the School Nutrition Association is that students will not only end up eating healthier food, the business of local growers will have the opportunity to grow, since schools are now moving from processed, pre-packaged goods to fresh produce and whole grains, as well as fresh meats and dairy products. The news of Michelle Obama taking an active hand in improving the food options in schools made a lot of people more aware of just how concerning this issue actually is. Thanks to the efforts of the School Nutrition Association, the schools themselves, and the students parents, progress has definitely been made when it comes to coming up with healthier food choices for students all over the country.